Khan Para Teer Results Today

Khan Para Teer Results Today 

The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association in Meghalaya is in charge of organizing the Shillong Teer Results At Shillong Polo Stadium, this unique lottery game is played every day of the week. In addition to giving players the chance to make a sizable sum of money, the game supports and fosters archery among young people in the area. Below are the fortunate numbers for March 2, 2024, as well as the common and winning numbers for March 5, 2024

Khan Para Teer Results Today
Khanapara Teer Results Today 04 March 2024
F/R (10:30)
F/R (1:50)
F/R (3:40)
F/R (3:55)
Khanapara Teer Result for Previous Day’s
DateFR (4:20 PM)SR (5:00 PM)
03 March4030
02 March9825
01 March644
29 February9417
28 February3919

Juwai Teer Results

Club Juwai operates the archery game Juwai Teer. Visitors purchasing tickets for the Juwai Teer Result can visit our common numbers page to view the common number for the first and second rounds. Based on the number of arrows fired in a given round, winners are determined.

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Juwai Teer SR (02:30 PM) 67 88 FR (01:45 PM)

Night Teer Result

The First Round and Second Round Night Teer Results are released every day at 8:15 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., respectively. The outcome is disclosed as a two-digit figure. Although there is just one Night Teer and it has nothing to do with Khasi Hills Archery Sports Club, certain websites used to post Shillong Night 1, Shillong Night 2, and Shillong Night 3, which are played after dark. Night Teer is not yet something that the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Club has decided to do

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Night Teer Result

FR (08:15PM) SR (09:00PM)


What is a Teer Common Number? - The computation of Teer Common Numbers is done using the goal and prior Teer results. Every day, check our Teer Common Numbers. We offer separate charts with the Teer Common Numbers for Khanapara and Shillong Teer Numbers.

Earlier outcomes

What were the previous Teer outcomes? - For frequent Teer game participants, past Teer results are always significant. A consistent Teer player has to keep track of their past performance. Visit our website to view past teacher results.


Players of TEER frequently utilize this method to look up the numbers in their dreams. Maybe the TEER Target number is in your DREAM. Visit our website to check your DREAM NUMBERS. It should be apparent to you how to use Dream Numbers.


What is the Teer Formula? - The Teer game does not use MAKING NUMBER. The basis behind TEER NUMBERS is a mathematical formula. On our website, you may get ideas and advice on the Teer Formula. We used to regularly update the Teer Formula.